2011 Show Brochure: Rules





On Show day, all exhibits must be in place by the following times:

......- Horses, Cattle and Sheep (Sections 1-3) by 12.30pm
......- Indoor sections (Sections 4-10) by 11.00am
......- Dog Show (Section 11) by 1.30pm

Late entries will not be accepted in any section or class




Entry Forms are required for the Horse Show and Cattle and Sheep sections. Entry Forms can be obtained from Section organisers or the Show Website. Entries for these competitions must be lodged with section organisers by Wednesday 6th July 2011.



Section one is open only to residents of the Point area, which for the purpose of these rules is defined as being from Portnaguran to the Mossend junction, along Mossend and through Steinish, and including the Plasterfield, Bayview & Sandwick area.



Sections 2 and 3 are open to exhibitors who produce stock within the Stornoway Trust Area.  Sections 4 to 11 are open to any exhibitor.





For the calculation of Highest Points trophies, points will be awarded in sections one to eleven as follows:  
1st prize - 3 pts    2nd prize - 2 pts      3rd prize - 1 pt

Rosettes will be awarded to 1st, 2nd  & 3rd places in each class unless stated in the Brochure.


All special trophies will be awarded on the basis of the Judges choice from First Prize awards in individual classes.

Should entries in any class not exceed three, the committee reserve the right to limit or reduce the number of awards.

All exhibits must be bona-fide the property of the exhibitor. Exhibits must not have been shown at previous Point Agricultural Shows (excluding livestock).

Exhibitors may compete with multiple entries within a section, except sections six and eight where restrictions apply. (Please see relevant sections for details of restrictions) One exhibitor may take more than one prize in any class.
No exhibits are to be taken away before 5pm.

All trophies must be returned in polished condition by eve of the show. Shields may be engraved by the winners but trophies are NOT to be engraved.
In all competitions the Judge’s decision is final.

No claim for any damage, loss, injury or accident, to any person, property or their animals arising out of the Point Agricultural Show or conduct of management thereof will be recognised.

Businesses or individuals who normally trade for profit or otherwise offer their produce or products for sale can not exhibit or compete in sections 4 to 11.  (Ex Class 115)

All dogs must be kept on a lead and well away from other animal exhibits and spectator areas. Dogs may not be taken into buildings or marquees. Please clean up after your dog using bins provided.

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