2011 Show Brochure: Community Award

Point Agricultural Society is delighted to receive continued sponsorship of £1000 from the Stornoway Trust to be used as prize money for The Community Award, an involvement and regeneration competition for exhibitors in the Point area.  This competition is now in its sixth year and has been a great encouragement for the people of Point to exhibit and support their village.

The community accumulating the most points and the runners up will receive substantial cash prizes, which must be spent for the benefit of the winning community as a whole. A trophy will also be presented to the winners.

Competition Rules and Guidelines  

Rules for Stage One - Points Accumulation

1.   All exhibitors from the Point area will be awarded a point for each show section they enter.

2.   Points will then be awarded as follows, according to the Judge’s decision for each competition class as set out in the Show Brochure:

1st Prize = 3 points        2nd prize = 2 points   3rd prize =1 point
3 points will also be awarded for each Trophy won.

3.   Points will be totalled on a community basis as set out on the 'Eligible Communities' page of this site.

4.   The community with the highest total points will receive a prize of £700.

5.   The community with the second highest points will be awarded £300.

6.   Both these awards will be subject to approval at Stage 2 of the competition.

7.   The Stornoway Trust stipulates that prize monies can only be awarded to properly constituted organisations and cannot be awarded to any one individual.

Rules for Stage Two - Prize Allocation & Award

1.   The exhibitors whose points contributed to the awards must mutually decide how the prize money is to be spent for the benefit of the winning community and /or the Point area.

2.   If the winning community cannot decide how to allocate their prize by a mutually agreed date, the award will automatically go to the next highest points winner.

3.   The final decision on how prize money is spent is subject to approval by the Judging Panel.

4.   Only constituted organisations operating within the competition boundary and considered appropriate by the Judging Panel will be eligible to accept and disburse the funds on behalf of the winners.

5.   The decision of the Judging Panel in all aspects of this competition is final.

Eligible Communities

- Portnaguran, Newlands, Fleshrin & Broker
- Portvoller
- Aird (Inc. Macsween Drive & Terrace)
- Sheshader
- Shader (Inc. Cnoc Chusbaig & Drium Shiader)
- Garrabost (Inc. Claypark)
- Lower Bayble (Inc. Eagleton)
- Upper Bayble (Inc. Geilair)
- Knock & Swordale (Inc. Seaview)
- Aignish
- Melbost & Branahuie (Inc. Braighe Road)
- Holm & Parkend
- Sandwick (Inc. North Street & East Street)
- Plasterfield, Bayview & Steinish


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